Bankruptcy Monitoring Solution Slashes 33% Labor Costs for Major Automotive Finance Firm

The Challenge

A major automotive company regularly monitors tens of thousands of debtor bankruptcy files on a frequent basis to stay abreast of the need to respond to bankruptcy filings. Further complicating the monitoring process, the client has a disparate set of priorities and scrutiny criteria, dependent upon the nature of the bankrupt debtor.

The Solution

Client turned to AACER™ services in search of custom file monitoring based on debtors’ unique case circumstances. The AACER™ services team worked closely with the client to segregate the debtor types into groups and apply custom processes to each. AACER then crafted a three-stage custom monitoring solution by which the AACER™ services provides weekly, monthly and quarterly monitoring results. Critical case events are monitored per customer grouping and organized and delivered to allow clients to act in a timely manner.

The Results

Because of AACER’s flexibility in designing a custom solution, the client was able to reduce manual processing associated with ad-hoc customer monitoring techniques, instead relying on AACER’s automated, reliable monitoring solution. As a result of this custom approach, the client realized a 33 percent labor savings.

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By the Numbers

10K+ Debtor bankruptcy files to monitor in perpetuity

3 Stages of custom monitoring solution

33 Percent labor saved after AACER implementation

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