Epiq Completes Bankruptcy Verification on 100K+ Client Files in a Single Weekend

An Epiq Challenge

Federal regulators asked a leading financial services firm to provide detailed information to support mortgage servicing procedures. As part of the firm’s response it was necessary to include supporting documents from historic bankruptcy proceedings which involved the firm’s customers. Over 100K customer records were affected.

An Epiq Solution

The AACER™ services team determined that historic bankruptcy docket reviews would need to be conducted across the several hundred thousand records in question. Working closely with the client, the AACER™ services team identified the key documents necessary to support the company’s regulatory response. The AACER™ services team implemented a process that would result in capturing all the relevant and supporting documentation required by the regulatory order: debtor bankruptcy verification followed by debtor case access and finally, bankruptcy docket monitoring. AACER then immediately began an historic docket scrub to identify and report the required documentation.

With Epiq Results

Bankruptcy verification process, and historic docket scrub, was completed on more than 100K client files in a single weekend. Comprehensive results on more than 100K records, including supporting documentation, in a consolidated report, delivered on Monday. The client company met its regulatory obligations on time and saved significant costs by automating a complex document retrieval process.

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AACER® Bankruptcy Case Search and Monitoring

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By the Numbers

100K+ Customer records requiring verification and historic bankruptcy docket reviews

1 Number of weekends in which to complete project

1 Complex financial regulatory body holding client company accountable

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