Epiq guides Energy Future Holdings through complex, customized Chapter 11 case administration

The Challenge

In April 2014, Energy Future Holdings (“EFH”) filed for chapter 11 protection, with $42 billion in debt. A complex, corporate conglomerate, EFH’s highly divergent businesses included, to mention a few, a public utility in Texas, an oil and gas trading business, and a highly profitable electricity generating business. Each business was faced with unique regulatory and legal issues, as well as diverse stakeholders, including creditors with differing interests.

The Solution

Epiq assisted EFH in complying with the myriad administrative obligations of chapter 11, including by disseminating custom notice packages to more than 3.5 million customers under significant time constraints. Epiq set up a custom website and staffed a call center with trained teams to ensure that customer concerns were handled seamlessly, knowledgeably, and expeditiously.

Epiq worked with EFH’s professionals to create a novel Asbestos Bar Date process.

Epiq successfully:

  • Designed an intricate notice plan which included hundreds of legal advertisements, internet banner ads, and social media coverage
  • Scanned, reviewed and captured relevant data from 100,000 Microfiche cards in a compressed timeframe
  • Built an online claims capture tool for un-manifested claims and created a specialized un-manifested claim form for collection of necessary data
  • Partnered with counsel to provide expert testimony, as necessary

The Results

Significant reduction in the administrative burden on EFH and its other professionals, enabling them to put EFH well on the path to confirming a plan.

By the numbers

$42B In debt

71 Debtors

3.5M Customers received Bar Date Notices

1 Complex case, efficiently and effectively administered

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