Epiq takes on largest Chapter 11 in history

The Challenge

Lehman Brothers, with $600 billion in assets, more than 875 securities issuances, 6,000 program securities and 67,000 proofs of claim, contracted with Epiq to implement an innovative process to handle the extremely high volume of claims and programs securities.

The Solution

Epiq worked closely with Lehman, Lehman’s counsel, trustees, creditors and the international depositories to develop and implement:

  •     ƒƒA specialized bond position-blocking process
  •     ƒƒCustom software for online claims filing
  •     ƒƒCommunications channels for creditor and sale parties
  •     ƒƒSpecialized high-touch bar date process
  •     ƒƒHigh-volume noticing processes

The Results

After successfully navigating what could arguably be the most complex, high-volume bar date process in history, Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. was well positioned to ballot their Chapter 11 plan, which ultimately was approved by an overwhelming majority of its creditors.

By the numbers

$600B Assets

875+ Securities issuances

67K Proofs of claim

24/7 Service availability

1 Successful, court-approved administrative process

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