Epiq helps corporation navigate international waters in cross-continent Bribery Act investigation

The Challenge

A Japanese corporation’s European subsidiary received a hotline tip alleging a U.K. Bribery Act violation.  Representing the corporation was a leading international law firm. Custodians resided in Europe and across Asia involving several countries’ data privacy laws, and counsel was wary of moving the data outside of Europe and Japan.

Epiq was engaged to forensically collect, process, host and review the data. Databases were set up in the U.K. and Japan under a very tight time frame. Communication had to be crystal clear and execution flawless. Databases in two locations required additional coordination to ensure the protocols used for each matched and were defensible.

The Solution

Epiq’s secure review facilities and multilingual staff in the U.K. and Japan quickly and easily managed the multiple languages involved in the review. Epiq’s experienced English- and Japanese-speaking project managers helped identify effective keywords across languages to locate relevant documents of interest.

Though not a law firm, Epiq’s Japan office employs three full-time U.S.-licensed lawyers, with several more U.S. and U.K. licensed lawyers in its U.K. office, all experienced in cross-border eDiscovery matters. Epiq helped spot and avoid a potential data privacy issue by proactively raising concerns when data from another region was provided locally. This led to the firm altering its processing instructions and minimized the risk of a data privacy incident.

The review teams were assembled in both Japan and the U.K., each dealing with mixed-language documents. Daily summaries of the relevant parts of the Japanese “hot documents” were translated to English. The Japanese review team more than doubled the typical review speeds seen for Japanese-language document review in the US.

The Result

Backed by global experience, a robust infrastructure, supported by local bilingual experts, and outstanding review teams, Epiq fulfilled the project’s requirement quickly and on budget, while complying with all applicable privacy laws in both jurisdictions.


2 databases

2 countries

1 tight timeframe

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