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High-capacity contact center

The contact center in our 98,000 square foot Portland, Oregon headquarters provides you with full telephonic communication and email support and capacity for up to 350 agents, as well as an additional 650+ across multiple locations. We handle thousands of simultaneous Interactive Voice Response (IVR) calls and tens of thousands of agent calls each day. Our standard service includes 24/7 IVR support and agent coverage from 6am to 6pm (PST) Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays, and can be further tailored, as you require.   
Our contact center also routinely administers international matters, supporting multiple languages plus English, with agents available in European time zones for optimal accessibility.

Our contact center includes:

  • Advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and telephony platforms
  • Professional recording studio
  • Expert engineering staff that creates customized applications to meet your exact needs
  • Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology, which enables managers to maximize the utilization of contact center staff while providing a consistently pleasant and timely experience for the caller

Advanced technology and experienced agents

Nimble and flexible, our contact center performs real-time monitoring to immediately alert supervisory staff of any issues. We employ seasoned agents experienced at handling case inquiries through their interaction with callers on hundreds of other Epiq settlement matters.

Superior service and accurate information

Our courteous and knowledgeable agents help callers navigate through the often complex and multi-phased components inherent in a settlement claim. Interactions are monitored through digital call recordings and/or interaction transcriptions to further ensure a quality experience for the caller.


Randy Burkholder

Vice President
of Business Development

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