Balloting and Solicitation

Our reliable, proven balloting and solicitation solutions save you time and money.

Led by industry innovator Jane Sullivan, Epiq has built the industry’s most experienced, sought-after balloting team, especially when public securities are involved. We’ve outperformed in hundreds of matters and we continue to develop customized, cutting edge procedures to reduce case time and execution cost.

Whatever your transaction structure, we will custom-fit the solution to suit your need and ensure transparency, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our experts are well-versed in all types of solicitations and can assist you with whatever transaction you select, whether involving an exchange offer, prepack, chapter 11 plan, rights offering, treatment election or international securities and procedures.


We review documents and procedures for all types of transactions and ensure that all procedures are effective and in place.


We coordinate all DTC, Clearstream and Euroclear clearinghouse responsibilities and processes, produce and mail disclosure and voting materials and handle claims and public securities.

Tabulate and Verify

We tabulate returned ballots and other instructions and certify all tabulation results, providing real-time status reports you can access at any time.


We handle distributions to public securities holders and other creditors and obtain registration details for private registers.


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Bankruptcy Solutions

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Epiq guides Energy Future Holdings through complex, customized Chapter 11 case administration.

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