Corporate Restructuring / Chapter 11

Pre-Filing Consulting

We work as an extension of your team, collecting all essential data prior to filing. 

Filing preparation can be an enormous drain on your company’s resources. Compiling all necessary data is time-consuming and accuracy and completeness are critical. We can handle all your pre-filing needs, from providing guidance and aid in gathering all the court required information, to creating and de-duplicating the creditor matrix. We are proficient in capturing essential information from your contracts as well as preparing first-day motion exhibits. We work closely with you and your advisors to ensure that all necessary data is collected from the company’s business unit’s and subsidiaries’ various systems. This information is then tracked and entered into our proprietary software so we can quickly generate the necessary reporting.

Effectively communicating with the various parties in interest is a critical part of pre-filing preparations and as such we ensure that your custom web portal is prepared to go live the moment the case is filed. We ensure custom recorded contact center support lines are ready and agents trained and prepared to address key constituents questions. The expertise, speed and efficiency we deliver all add up to significant cost and time savings for your company and enable you to free up your internal resources for more important tasks associated with running your business.

Brad Tuttle

Vice President and Senior Managing Consultant

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