How we help

Corporate Solutions

You can rely on Epiq for flawless delivery, superior service, and full transparency, every time. We’re your partner for end-to-end corporate and financing transaction administration — information agent, exchange agent, disbursing agent and transfer agent services, business process services — post-transaction contract and stakeholder transition services, vendor management, contract review and management, compliance and special situation services, and anything in between.

Why Epiq? Unmatched Execution, Service and Transparency.

With expert teams experienced in providing a full range of services and solutions to manage a variety of large administrative projects, Epiq creates order out of chaos. Epiq’s expertise, technology and dedicated resources drive superior results within budget and on time, whether you need an end-to-end solution or anything in between.

  • Adaptability: We offer a flexible, consultative approach tailored to your company’s needs. Whether in exchange or tender offers, rights offerings, paying or transfer agent services for private mergers and acquisitions, business transition support, vendor management or loan portfolio review, we have the expertise and technology to successfully complete every assignment.
  • Quality: Driving exceptional quality and value requires exceptional talent. Epiq sets the standard against which all others are measured.
  • Technology: Our comprehensive portfolio of flexible, high-performance software solutions allows us to deploy just the right mix of technology and services to meet the needs of your project. Whatever the size and scope, we deliver the tools you need efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively and fully and seamlessly integrate those tools into your overall solution.
  • Security: Epiq delivers results in the most secure, risk-free fashion possible. All of our software, hardware, databases and physical locations have multiple layers of security and our processes are engineered to ensure complete defensibility.