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Video has become an expected and essential tool for depositions, case reviews, and business communications. Epiq is proud to have the nation’s largest in-house legal videography department.

Our proprietary video technologies are designed specifically for legal professionals. Epiq offers a complete suite of legal video services and court video services which include:

  • Videography
  • Video Synchronization
  • Video Production

Epiq will supply broadcast-quality video equipment for all depositions.  Wherever possible, only three-chip digital cameras are used for all depositions, along with backdrops and separate audio tracks for main participants.

  • Video Quality Control - All videotapes are viewed upon arrival from the deposition and logged into our archival database for processing and retrieval.  The tapes are monitored for quality during digitizing, synchronizing and duplicating process and again prior to shipment.  All confidential videotapes are restricted to a need-to-know basis and are clearly labeled “confidential.”  Videotapes are then transferred to our temperature-controlled, secure storage facility.
  • Video Delivered on CD or DVD - Our full-service videography departments feature in-house encoding facilities and professional editors to process your video testimony quickly and in a variety of digital formats.
  • Video-to-Text Synchronization - We can digitally synchronize video testimony to the written transcript for easy, side-by-side access to the video testimony.
  • Video Editing - Our expert staff helps you select only the testimony you need for trial, settlement talks or arbitration by copying testimony excerpts from the source to an edit master.
  • Epiq Viewer - Epiq Viewer is a complete attorney productivity tool designed to easily digest a video deposition and allows simple and fast access to video content.
    • Search the video CD or DVD by keyword.
    • Create a video clip by highlighting the testimony.
    • Create a still photo by clicking the “camera” button.
    • Instantly export clips and stills to other software for sharing, reviewing and case preparation.
    • Automatically create PowerPoint presentations with video clips.
    • Easily email snapshots or compressed video clips.

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