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Data Breach Response

Data Breach Response Solutions

A data breach can put companies and individuals at serious risk. It’s imperative to respond quickly and professionally. That’s where our data breach services can really help you, with unmatched expertise in responding to and remediating all types of cyber incidents.

Our solutions include precision mailings, dedicated contact centers and identity and credit monitoring to minimize or eliminate the impact of an identity theft incident. Should a data breach result in a negotiated settlement, we work closely with you to develop legal notice plans, facilitate claims review and processing, and ensure that class members receive appropriate remedies.

We also offer ‘no-retainer fee’ proactive breach agreements to cut down on implementation time should a breach occur.

Proactive planning benefits include:

  • Assistance in building scripts, templates, project plans
  • Time to properly vet and audit Epiq processes to ensure the highest security compliance standards
  • Call Center modeling
  • Lock-in pricing for set time periods
  • Participation in mock breach scenarios/tabletop exercises

Benefits of Data Breach Response

We manage all aspects of the process under one roof, including data acquisition and research, forms, noticing and contact center setup and support. This gives you a convenient, single point of contact throughout and enables us to drive the most effective response for you by eliminating inefficiencies introduced by cross-vendor coordination. You also have the assurance of knowing that every one of our facilities meets or exceeds the industry’s most rigorous data security standards.

Following our proven project management methodology and best practices, we deliver successful outcomes every step of the way. Our standard turnaround is less than 5 days, the fastest in the industry, and rush service is also available. In case the incident requires additional support, we can provide you with comprehensive eDiscovery and class action administration.


More than 850K individuals’ records were breached. Epiq notified every victim in under one week – saving our client more than $18K and ensuring all notification regulations were satisfied.

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