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Epiq eDiscovery Managed Services

In 2015, Epiq acquired Iris Data Services, a leading provider of eDiscovery managed services, to further expand its eDiscovery services offering. With the acquisition of Iris Data Services, Epiq has become one of the largest eDiscovery managed services providers in the world. Epiq currently has more eDiscovery managed services clients than any other provider. 

Over the last four years, Epiq implemented both physically and logically segregated environments for some of the world's largest corporations and law firms, providing data processing and hosting, dedicated personnel, storage management, data collection and managed review services.

What is eDiscovery Managed Services?

eDiscovery managed services is about building partnerships that help law firms and corporations achieve their most important business objectives in eDiscovery. eDiscovery managed services goes beyond unpredictable project-based pricing, hidden fees and charges. It enables ongoing, proactive workflow, process and eDiscovery protocol improvements Essentially, eDiscovery managed services is about managing your discovery on an enterprise level in a way that provides unsurpassed visibility and transparency into your data and your expenses. 

Whether you want to have Epiq host your processing and review application licenses, or you want Epiq to provide the licensing, one thing is clear: Epiq eDiscovery managed services takes the guesswork out of the eDiscovery process.

Benefits of Epiq eDiscovery Managed Services

eDiscovery managed services eliminates the need for organizations to invest in standing up their own infrastructure. Epiq does this by building a partnership with each organization in a personalized manner. With managed services, organizations do not have to worry about patches, upgrades, test environments, security, data backup and recovery within their own servers. In fact, managed services helps litigation support professionals create better processes and workflows that result in more cost control. 

With eDiscovery managed services, Epiq builds out customized capacity-based – not consumption-based – environments that reduce costs, forecast budgets and potentially recover eDiscovery costs. In a consumption-based environment, organizations are paying project-by-project. Regardless of the size of your organization’s matter, you’re paying the vendor’s price for each GB plus user costs per month. Every action taken by the project manager is also billed to your organization. 

In a capacity-based environment, Epiq provides your organization with a fixed monthly fee and your own infrastructure to house as many cases as you can – you pay the same fixed monthly fee for the infrastructure, application and user licenses. Having your own capacity-based environment allows you to reduce operational deficiencies caused by going from one vendor to another. 


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