eDiscovery Managed Services

Managed Services Processing

eDiscovery Managed Services Processing

Processing data is not an easy part of eDiscovery. It can be costly and applications can be difficult to use or time-consuming to support. 

Data spread across disparate vendors or multiple technologies can create challenges for cost control and data security. With Epiq’s eDiscovery managed services processing, your data is centralized in one data center so you benefit from greater data security, defensibility and a single point-of-contact project management team that knows your team and your data. You also have the same exact workflow, processes and protocols every time you process data. 

Benefits of Epiq eDiscovery Managed Services Processing

Epiq’s eDiscovery managed services processing is highly customized to your organization's processing throughput levels and preference for processing application technology. 

Epiq provides eDiscovery managed services processing in three ways: 

  • We can host your processing application 
  • Epiq can provide you with the processing application of your choice
  • Data processing using Epiq's processing workflow, which seamlessly integrates best-in-class processing applications, giving you a tailored mix of capacity, scalability and workflow

In all three instances, Epiq builds a dedicated environment specifically for your organization in a highly secure data center. Because Epiq manages your very own dedicated processing environment, you no longer have to worry about adding additional storage, as you have complete flexibility to scale up to meet your changing demands. 

All three eDiscovery managed services processing options give you consistency, standardization, customized workflows and personnel wrapped around these applications. Your team can also reduce costs and get the data hosted as quickly as possible with EMS. 

Most importantly, you are hosting one of your most trusted corporate assets - data - with the global leader in real eDiscovery managed services.


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