Project-Based eDiscovery

Advanced Technologies

Advanced technologies are the new normal.

Organizations are now using these technologies on every project to save money, reduce time, mitigate risk, increase consistency and make the task of understanding data much easier.

Epiq's advanced technologies menu:

  • Email threading: Minimizes duplicative content, reducing the number of emails that need to be reviewed.
  • Near duplicate identification: Allows a single tagging decision to cover multiple documents.
  • Clustering: Used to divide a large group of documents into easier-to-understand chunks, greatly increasing review speeds.
  • Categorization: Groups documents together by category for faster review.
  • Find Related Concepts: Gives users the ability to find terms or concepts related to pre-defined text.
  • Predictive coding: Can decrease the cost of a review by amplifying the efforts of reviewers.


The Future of Technology-Assisted Review

Technology-assisted review can enhance the effectiveness of data review. An Epiq expert explains how in this short video.

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