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Information Governance

Organizations of all sizes create digital and paper mountains of data and information. Ideally, these data mountains are managed in a systematic and consistent fashion which takes into account legal, regulatory, and business requirements and considerations.

Information Governance is a cross-disciplinary program for managing an organization’s data and information in a comprehensive and unified fashion. Information Governance is not a product or a single service or solution, but an initiative. DTI is at the forefront of Information Governance, and has been providing “IG” related services for almost a decade.

Whether your organization is just beginning to think about records management, litigation readiness, or data security and privacy, or you have a mature program, DTI can help, with services that span from the “just getting started” to the “we need to decommission a 400 terabyte e-mail archive in the next 90 days” and everything in-between.

Information Governance

Information Governance (IG) manages an organization’s information in a cohesive and coordinated fashion across all stakeholders. In today’s massive and complex data landscapes IG is essential. DTI provides a broad range of services and technologies which help organizations plan, implement, and manage IG strategies.

IG and RIM Assessment and Roadmap

This service provides a comprehensive analysis of an organization’s current state of IG and records management. A roadmap for addressing risks and guidance on how to implement the roadmap is provided.

Records Management and Retention Policies

DTI helps organizations create practical, defensible, and actionable records management and retention policies, including updating or refreshing existing policies.

Email Usage and Retention/Disposition Policies

Since email is often the primary target of discovery, an effective and defensible process for retaining and disposing email can have significant downstream effects on eDiscovery costs and employee productivity. DTI helps organizations draft and implement defensible, efficient, and workable email policies that leverage technology while addressing legal, business, and regulatory requirements.  

Social Media Policies and Cloud Governance

DTI provides expert consulting services on how to manage social media and cloud computing services from a RIM and legal risk perspective. This includes drafting policies and procedures, and assisting with technology selection to address archiving, records management, and discovery of social media.

Backup Tape Remediation

DTI works with clients to create a defensible process and procedure to dispose of data residing on backup tapes. Utilizing specialized technologies, DTI can bypass traditional tape restoration methods to reduce the time and costs associated with backup tape disposition.

Expert Testimony

DTI consultants and forensic professionals provide expert testimony support to legal counsel in a number of areas, including meet and confer conferences, support for motions to compel or motions for protective order, defense of process against spoliation sanction motions and Rule 30(b)(6) testimony.

Litigation Readiness and Legal Hold Consulting

Relativity Legal Hold

Relativity Legal Hold automates issuing, tracking, and releasing legal holds. No software is required as the service is delivered via the internet on a monthly subscription basis. Full audit trail and reporting are included to establish defensibility of process.

Legal Hold Process Development and Optimization

DTI works with legal and IT stakeholders to determine the most efficient and cost-effective approach to issuing legal holds, including evaluating and implementing 3rd party legal hold solutions. For organizations with processes already established, an assessment is performed and recommendations for process optimization are provided (along with an implementation roadmap).

eDiscovery and Litigation Readiness Assessment

For organizations not sure where to start with building out an eDiscovery program, or for those who are wondering if their current approach is adequate, DTI’s eDiscovery and Litigation Readiness Assessment is a valuable resource to help identify major risks and take action to remedy them.

Discovery Process Design

DTI can design a detailed workflow to aid legal, IT, and business staff with responding to discovery in a minimally disruptive, yet defensible fashion. Our legal, IT, and forensic experts create detailed process diagrams and outline, step-by-step, how to perform and execute discovery.

ESI Data Mapping

A critical element of managing ESI or responding to discovery requests is knowing where your data is, how it’s being managed, and how to preserve what you need to keep. DTI will “map” your IT systems and data repositories and provide a summary of essential facts that will reduce risk, cost, and enhance efficiencies.

Microsoft Office 365 eDiscovery and IG Consulting

Microsoft Office 365 eDiscovery and IG Strategy and Implementation

DTI provides strategic and tactical guidance to organizations on how best to leverage the built-in eDiscovery, Records Management, and Information Governance features of Microsoft’s flagship cloud computing service, Office 365.

Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype eDiscovery and IG Strategy and Implementation

For organizations not moving to the cloud, DTI offers strategic and tactical guidance on how best to leverage the built-in eDiscovery, Records Management, and Information Governance features of Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype for Business (formerly Lync.)

Technology Driven IG Solutions

Defensible Deletion

Many organizations accumulate terabytes of “ROT” (redundant, obsolete and trivial data). If such data is not subject to a legal, business, or regulatory retention requirement, it may be permanently disposed. DTI has the expertise and technology to assist clients executing a defensible deletion strategy.

Selective Data Migration

Many organizations are moving their email to the cloud (Office 365 or Google Apps for Work.) A critical issue that arises is whether, and how, to migrate email to the cloud which has accumulated in their environments. DTI brings substantial technical and process expertise to aid organizations with determining what email to migrate, and the most efficient processes to complete the task.

Content Audit/Assessment

Many legal and RIM professionals know they have a data problem. DTI’s content audit/assessment provides the detailed quantitative and qualitative information needed to justify launching a defensible deletion project to rid the organization of “ROT” (redundant, obsolete and trivial data).

Contract Lifestyle Management

The DTI suite of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) services helps Firms cost-effectively optimize their legal contracts and records.


Organizing your records and contracts immediately increases the stability and security of your company. We fully review, track, and index all old materials to further your company’s protection.

Drafting Simplified

Keeping consistency and compliance in your records boosts the strength of your defense. We help with drafting, assessing, and creating templates for previous or upcoming contracts—establishing a standard you can depend on. We’ll also work with you to compose Development and Maintenance “Playbooks,” so you’re always prepared.

Dedicated Delivery

Whether you require onsite, offsite, or a hybrid approach, our Contract Lifecycle Management Services are prepared to meet you where you are while still keeping you safe within the growing network of our secure DTI Knowledge Centers.

Records Management

Keeping track and knowing where your company’s inactive records are is a necessary but inconvenient operation. Let us handle this process so you can focus on running your business.

Easy Access

With an organized system for storing your records, you know exactly where to find the important information you need. We can help arrange and simplify your records system to strengthen the defensibility of your organization.

Secure Storage

Whether paper or digital, we can find the most secure and cost-effective way to store your records. We are able to reduce your amount of paper, digitize old records, and save you space while keeping your records safe.

Expert Consulting

Our experienced professionals help streamline your current records management system to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency. From reviewing legal holds and confidentiality walls, to records policies and compliance, we will make sure your records management department is recording at its best.

Stronger Team

We staff cross-trained, on-site teams led by experienced Records Managers to facilitate and boost your current records management department. With teams pre-trained for special projects, or to fill in for vacations and sick-time, our Records Management services are there to ensure you manage for success.


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