A successful eHearing is not just a technology solution. Epiq provides expert guidance and advice every step of the way.

In the digital age, the volume of material before the court is growing and creating new document management challenges. Epiq help you meet those challenges and use technology to run your hearing more efficiently.

From case preparation and round-the-clock consulting to the Online Review Book and electronic presentation of evidence, Epiq is the answer.

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eHearings are the alternative to traditional, and costly, paper-based hearings. eHearings are conducted like traditional hearings, except all documents are submitted and viewed electronically. eHearings eliminate the need for paper during trial, leading to significant reductions in the cost and duration of a matter of any size.

Epiq can help with any manner of legal proceeding; simple or complex, including mediations, arbitrations, government inquiries and at trial.

eHearings should be considered when:
• Parties could benefit from time and cost savings of up to 30%
• Relevant documents can be produced electronically
• The number of relevant documents is greater than 500

Fast and secure access to documents
Electronic court books provide compelling advantages over the paper equivalents. The court book documents are always available, securely stored, and backed up and fully searchable.

More efficient work processes
Document administration is a pain point during any paper-based trial and detracts from the more valuable work of your legal team. An electronic court book reduces paper handling and so, including printing and photocopying, makes updates to the court book easier, and automates evidence management tasks.

Simple and effective evidence presentation
Evidence presentation is key to how well an eHearing runs. Epiq delivers high-definition displays, meaning complex spreadsheets and poor quality documents remain legible even when zooming in on the detail.

Uninterrupted cross-examination
One of the greatest advantages of an electronic hearing – and something that may really alter the outcome of a case - is that the cross-examiner is able to question the witness faster, enabling them to build momentum more easily.

Hyperlinked transcript
A fully hyperlinked transcript makes the preparation of closing submissions at the end of the hearing much more efficient than for a paper trial. Reports to the client can also be prepared during hearing hours, rather than for the transcript to be published that evening.

Confidential and secure
Epiq provides each party access to their own private copy of the court book. This reduces risk and ensures each party’s documents, notes, and annotations will not be shared with the opposing side.

Epiq is the most experienced provider of electronic hearings in the Asia Pacific, and can help manage matters in the diverse legal and regulatory landscapes that exist in the region.

Epiq has been working closely with global law firms, corporations, and the judiciary to streamline the courtroom process for over a decade. We also have unrivalled experience in providing on-the-ground support during all stages of a matter, from discovery and case management to the courtroom and beyond.

The Epiq team provides a reliable and responsive presence to ensure your needs are met. Support can range from general technical assistance and consulting, to data uploads and generating comprehensive data reports.

If you have any questions or queries, or if you would like to enlist our services, the Epiq eHearings team is responsive and always happy to assist.

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