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Epiq Expands AI-Enhanced EpiqFAST™ to the UK

Innovative platform specifically designed for a courtroom setting delivers instantaneous speech-to-text output of court proceedings

London, UK — June 3, 2024Epiq today announced the availability of its AI-enhanced speech-to-text transcription technology EpiqFAST™ in the UK. This strategic expansion follows its proven track record in the Asia Pacific market, where EpiqFAST has been instrumental in aiding both litigation and arbitration hearings, demonstrating its versatility and reliability across diverse settings.

The Epiq-developed, AI-enabled technology delivers instantaneous speech-to-text output of court proceedings, separated by speaker, so clients can follow along as the hearing proceeds. With EpiqFAST, clients can make notes, share comments, and obtain a draft transcript at the end of the proceeding. It also lets users stop live scrolling to read previous text, annotate, search, and save.

"We are excited to introduce EpiqFAST to the UK market with the aim of enabling our clients to utilise the latest technology tools to achieve new levels of efficiency in legal proceedings,” said Charlotte Pache, Senior Vice President of International Court Reporting at Epiq. “Having already demonstrated the capabilities of EpiqFAST in the Asia Pacific market through a high-profile multi-courtroom installation, EpiqFAST has proven its ability to enhance arbitration and hearing environments."

EpiqFAST is designed to produce live text output of proceedings, enhancing efficiency and collaboration. It delivers live text output with a clear separation between speakers even where there is overlapping speech or cross-talk — a critical feature for complex dispute resolution scenarios.

Sandesh Kabir Singh, CEO at Scribe Synergy, said, "EpiqFAST has been a game-changer for arbitrations and legal proceedings across Malaysia, providing a live voice-to-text solution at a cost-effective rate. Its success at the Asian International Arbitration Centre and its permanent implementation at the Borneo International Centre for Arbitration and Mediation underscore its effectiveness and adaptability."

For more information on how EpiqFAST can enhance legal proceedings in the UK, please visit

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