If The Louboutin Fits...User Experience Is a Big Deal!

Inspiration on the importance of user experience in eDiscovery can sometimes come from the most unusual sources.

Christian Louboutin; a shoe designer with a passion for creating intricate, elegant and timeless designs, luring men and women into a sense of necessity. During my time longing for a pair of these shoes, I’ve learnt most fans place the brand in such high esteem, choosing to be advocates, enticing others to go to enormous lengths to claim a pair of the coveted shoes.


Obviously, interesting design plays an enormous part. But it’s more than this. For me, the experience begins the moment you walk into the shop and you’re met by red carpeted floors, uncluttered design and most importantly, the walls of shiny, red-lacquered soles. The experience continues with attentive, personal service that makes me feel as though whatever it is that I require, I will be met with a logical and systematic response. And finally, if it comes time to purchase the shoes, your prized possession will be packed and preserved in a glorious protective sleeping bag.

In the complex world of navigating through court orders, document review, discovery and etrials, the user experience is no less important than an experience in the retail space. Clearly there are stark differences between Louboutin’s and eDiscovery - one a simple pleasure (and a little pain), and the other a litigation streamlining tool. But what both have in common is the experience. They both tap into how it makes a user feel and whether that translates into repeat business.

The user experience is most often connected to a product. It examines how easy it is to use, the value it provides and the appeal of its design and features. Just as importantly though, user experience should be applicable to services rendered by a company. For the service provider, communication is key to the user experience, and this should be measured by understanding and meeting the needs of clients, not only through interactions, but also by providing the products best suited for the task at hand. Users need to feel supported and informed, without feeling overloaded.

The thought of document review platforms, predictive coding, email threading, deduplication and other technological jargon has the potential to glaze eyes. It is vital for service providers and the technology they deploy to be user friendly and provide intrinsic value, with a user experience that leaves clients coming back for more. As with the process of purchasing a pair of Louboutin’s, the intricate attention to detail and superior service provided during the decision making process makes the experience of buying the shoes as enticing as wearing them. 

There is not a one size fits all solution in the world of eDiscovery, and it falls on the service provider to scope the client, their ability, the data set and then assist with a solution that can provide the best result. Given the ever increasing options of service providers and products available, the user experience offered up by each is still one of the most important components. The capacity for a user to experience an ease of mobility navigating the eDiscovery tool is highly important, this develops a user-to-platform loyalty that is so fundamental to productivity, efficiency and cultivating an enjoyable experience. When users can perform every function they need within a single simplistic but intelligent tool, is when true user experience is discovered.

Rebecca Crook

Filed under: document review, ediscovery

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