Contract Analytics: A New Artificial Intelligence Endeavor

Artificial intelligence (“AI”) is transforming the way that organizations operate on a daily basis. Business professionals regularly turn to computers for assistance with tasks that humans have traditionally performed. The legal industry has used AI software for legal research, case evaluation, and discovery review for years. This software can quickly complete projects while saving money and yielding results that are more efficient. Now organizations have a new AI tool at their disposal to aid with contract review and negotiation.

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Perspectives on AI and the Law

The 2018 Bloomberg Law Leadership Forum in New York included a robust agenda covering the current regulatory priorities, corporate legal risks and the tools counsel have at their disposal to address them. Keynote speakers included Jay Clayton, Chairman, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice.  Participating in the day provided rare access to current perspectives from thought leaders that matter to our industry.

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How to Get Artificially Intelligent in Litigation

Visit Amazon and you will be presented with a list of other products you may like to purchase, browse Netflix and the platform will highlight shows you may be interested in watching, log into Facebook and you will be delivered information on our electronic friends based on our perceived likes and dislikes. AI learns from our behaviours and our interactions and then uses this information to point us towards other things that might grab our attention. What’s more, it does all this with such subtlety that we begin to take its convenience for granted.

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