How Mobile Devices are Changing eDiscovery

The importance of mobile device data in legal discovery, investigations, and other proceedings is ubiquitous and virtually indisputable. Mobile devices such as cellphones, smartphones, e-readers, and tablets pose a significant and unique challenge to the legal industry when it comes to the collection, searching, processing and production of electronically stored information for discovery. Read on for what you need to know when approaching mobile data collection for legal discovery.

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Avoiding Hidden eDiscovery Costs

We are in the era of cloud computing, where the terabyte is replacing the gigabyte as the standard data storage unit. Cloud technology is bringing big data into every part of our lives and this is causing the cost of the eDiscovery process to escalate.

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If The Louboutin Fits...User Experience Is a Big Deal!

Christian Louboutin; a shoe designer with a passion for creating intricate, elegant and timeless designs, luring men and women into a sense of necessity. During my time longing for a pair of these shoes, I’ve learnt most fans place the brand in such high esteem, choosing to be advocates, enticing others to go to enormous lengths to claim a pair of the coveted shoes.

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4 Metrics of ediscovery That Lead to Increased Profitability and Winning More Corporate Clients

Metrics are what drive success in the later stages of eDiscovery maturity. When a firm can monitor, assess and interpret data, that firm has the ability to identify areas that are underperforming as well as areas that are working well.

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