Counting What Counts: Measuring Your Value and Building a Business Case for Legal Operation Resources

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET

Finding resources for innovation and legal operations is challenging, especially for smaller teams. There is often no budget and no headcount, and at first glance, some operational investments look like added costs.

Join us for an engaging panel discussion on building an effective business case for legal operations resources. This program will help you identify what can be measured in a legal department to demonstrate your value and drive change in legal processes and operations. We will discuss what to focus on first, what can be accomplished without dedicated legal operations personnel, how to show a return on investment in legal operations, and how to overcome challenges in legal departments with no resources available to focus on legal operations.

Ryan Albregts, Senior Manager, Legal Operations, Stryker
Karim Amlani, Senior Director, Legal, Hootsuite
Rhett Lemmel, Manager, Legal Spend Solutions, Epiq (Moderator)
Carla Swansburg, Chief Executive Officer, Cleary X
Dana Zuech, AVP, Legal Operations, Sun Life



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