Canadian company meets supplementary information request deadlines on time and under budget


A Canadian business with widespread North American operations was issued a Supplementary Information Request (“SIR”) as part of the process of acquiring a Canadian company with similar business operations. The client had a limiting 50-day timef rame for the entire process, which included collecting documents from 67 custodians across Canada, processing more than 6TB of data, promoting almost 1.5TB of data for hosting and review, and assembling a review team capable of reviewing this large volume of data.acquired company was shared across several of the defendants.


The Epiq forensics team traveled to various locations across Canada to collect relevant data, and worked with our client to perform remote collections when needed. After processing, deduplication, applying our client’s search terms, and utilizing email threading and other analytical tools, Epiq reduced the population of documents for review by 89 percent.To meet the aggressive review timeline, Epiq staffed the review portion of the project in stages as data became available for review. Ultimately, Epiq used 78 contract lawyers in Toronto, as well as more than 200 lawyers across our New York and Washington, D.C. offices, to review 1.9 million documents. We also worked with our client’s external counsel to capitalize on opportunities to review large numbers of documents quickly and efficiently.


  • 50 days from project inception to production
  • 67 custodians
  • 1.9M documents reviewed
  • 298 contract document review lawyers
  • 31 days to review and quality control all documents


Our large-scale capabilities from collections to production allowed us to tackle a complex project and provide solutions that met our client’s needs in a timely and efficient manner. Ultimately, the review lasted 31 days and the final production to the Competition Bureau was delivered on time.



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