Predictive Coding

Epiq’s predictive coding offerings and experience help you review and organise your documents faster and more accurately— boosting your project’s productivity.

Our experienced discovery and technology professionals use predictive coding and other proven data reduction strategies including filtering, de-duplication, and early case assessment to minimise processing and review costs.

Epiq’s predictive coding is a prescriptive linear review workflow—a mix of statistics, categorisation and reporting that can decrease the cost of a review by amplifying the efforts of a small number of reviewers on a large dataset. Predictive coding is particularly useful in regulatory productions when the dataset is enormous and the production deadline is tight.

Epiq’s predictive coding allows rapid identification of responsive documents before review even begins, allowing you to make decisions on strategy earlier, meet challenging deadlines, and reduce time and money spent reviewing non-responsive documents. Epiq supports Equivio, Brainspace™, NexLP, Relativity Structured Analytics and Relativity Assisted Review for predictive coding. Our experienced advanced technologies team will match the right workflow and tool to each specific case.



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