Litigation Readiness

Epiq consultants have deep experience in helping law firms and corporations shape, implement and manage electronically stored information (ESI) and other data to ensure litigation readiness. We bring clarity to the process and the confidence of reliable advanced planning.

An effective litigation readiness plan, well implemented, increases the chances of a successful litigation or settlement. A strong plan helps manage case costs, while decreasing the chances of lost data, time or advantages in a case.

For organisation not sure where to start with building out an eDiscovery program, or for those who are wondering if their current approach is adequate, Epiq’s eDiscovery and litigation readiness assessment is a valuable resource to help identify major risks and take action to remedy them.

Epiq can design a detailed workflow to aid legal, IT and business staff respond to discovery in a minimally disruptive, yet defensible fashion. Our legal, IT and forensic experts create detailed process diagrams and outline how to perform and execute discovery.

A critical element of managing ESI or responding to discovery requests is knowing where your data is, how it’s being managed and how to preserve what you need to keep. Epiq will map your IT systems and data repositories and provide a summary of essential facts that will reduce risk, cost and enhance efficiencies.



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