Effective Project Management Mitigates eDiscovery Errors

The eDiscovery process is complicated, with ample opportunity for errors. Mistakes can be caused by poor identification, preservation, and collection processes; inadequate review; or incomplete production. Even in the best situations, mistakes will happen.

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Is Intellectual Property Litigation Behind eDiscovery’s Explosive Growth in Asia?

China and Japan have not traditionally been big players in the eDiscovery market. But these two economic titans are steadily growing their electronic discovery operations and expertise. Overall revenue in the global market for eDiscovery services and platforms is predicted to rise at 16.2% CAGR through 2022. And while North America still dominates the industry, Asia-Pacific is swiftly overtaking it in terms of growth rate. 

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Data Protection is Power: How Security-Savvy Lawyers Keep Hackers at Bay

Law firms and in-house counsel must understand data security if they are to adequately protect data - either theirs or their clients'. The more informed legal practitioners are, the better able they'll be to thwart data breaches, and choose legal services parters that can further mitigate the risk of data theft.

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