Epiq ArqThe ArqSM platform eliminates the need for large, initial capital expenditures for hardware infrastructure or Relativity licenses. With Arq, law firms and corporations can have their own Relativity environment for a fixed monthly fee, critical system administrative control over user and case creation, as well as robust data security controls and processes. Our ability to deliver superior eDiscovery managed services with Arq is what won Epiq 3 innovation awards from Relativity and ALM Legaltech News.

eDiscovery Managed Services Administrative Reporting

The ArqSM platform provides administrators with an understanding of how much data is in their environment and insight into contracted storage. Additionally, administrators get a snapshot view of how many active users are in the environment. These reports are interactive, a simple click on usage, for instance, will show what cases are in the environment, how large they are, and how long they have been inactive. All of these reports can be exported to either Excel or PDF.

Reports within Arq give clients control over understanding how each review is progressing. For instance, an administrator can report on how complete the review is in every matter. By understanding how each case is progressing and the number of documents reviewed, a firm can get a better handle on how the review is performing against deadlines. Reports also show the different types of coding decisions being made per workspace, such as responsive vs. non-responsive.

Gain more control over the management of every matter with a report that shows how productive each reviewer is and whether their coding decisions have been overturned. Quickly see how productive each reviewer is in a specific matter for that week, month, quarter, year, or by the life of the project. Understanding the efficacy and the effectiveness of each reviewer allows the client to make more strategic decisions about what reviewer to use in a similar case moving forward.

Arq provides a simple and easy-to-use interface to create, edit and delete users, matters and clients within Relativity and create and manage client cases.



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