Compliance risk calculator

Have you migrated or are you considering a migration to Office 365? Use this Compliance risk calculator to see if Epiq’s Office 365 Data Migration compliance and security services would benefit your organization.

Office 365 enablement

  1. Has your company transitioned to Office 365 in the past 18 months?

  2. Does your company wish to improve its acumen in administrating the compliance functions embedded within Office 365?

  3. Has your company enabled or is planning to enable Microsoft Teams for broad use?

Data sources and compliance warehouses

  1. Has your company acquired other companies in the past two years?

  2. Does your company maintain email data archives for legal hold and other compliance obligations in data archive platforms (Proofpoint, EMC Source One, Veritas Enterprise Vault, are common examples of products) that are apart from Office 365?

  3. Does your company maintain archived email for departed employees as PST containers stored on file shares?

Compliance Control

  1. Do you want to take more control of your eDiscovery business processes, especially as they relate to small or medium-sized matters?

  2. Is your company subject to comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations?

  3. Do you abdicate most decisions related to eDiscovery business processes to outside legal counsel?

  4. Is your company’s data associated with active eDiscovery matters currently being managed by more than 10 law firms or legal services providers?

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Fill in your information and then hit submit to learn your level of compliance risk based on your responses.

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