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Epiq provides a comprehensive range of integrated courtroom services from the provision of court reporting to the electronic presentation of evidence.


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Epiq is an approved government supplier of end-to-end eDiscovery and Court Room services. Leveraging over 35 years of unrivalled experience, Epiq has provided litigation and court reporting support services to almost all the Public and Private Inquiries that have taken place in the last three decades.     

Epiq has provided services to major hearings and inquiries around the world, such as: 

  • Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse
  • Inquiry into Grenfell Tower Fire
  • Hillsborough Inquests
  • Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Australia
  • Royal Commission into the Victorian Bushfires in Australia
  • Royal Commission into the Sinking of the Sydney II in Australia
  • Commission of Inquiry on Allegations Relating to the Institute of Education in Hong Kong
  • Commission of Inquiry into the Crash of the Boeing MD11 at Hong Kong International Airport
  • Commission of Inquiry into the Collapse of the Nicoll Highway in Singapore

Real-Time Reporting

Real-time court reporting using EpiqTMX means Epiq can supply a complete electronic transcript before anyone has even left the courtroom. Testimony processing and scheduling of subsequent hearings can begin immediately.

Real-time provides you with a live, verbatim record of legal proceedings as they happen. Text is sent directly to laptops in the hearing room so that users can annotate transcripts according to issues specific to their case. With EpiqTMX, you can also create customised search and annotation reports across multiple hearing days, allowing all results to be consolidated into one document.

For complex proceedings involving multiple parties or large amounts of evidence, EpiqTMX real-time is of particular benefit, especially where information needs to be shared with team members based in multiple locations. The advantages include:

  • Reduced preparation and the time of court proceedings by up to 25 per cent
  • ​Search, view and annotate transcripts, witness statements and related documents
  • Link documents to related transcripts and documents
  • Create reports of annotations and search results across transcripts and documents
  • Work collaboratively using private/public annotations and messaging
  • Easy access to materials assists in the preparation of briefs, judgments and awards

Real-time court reporting services are used in the world’s most high profile cases and are available as a desktop or web-enabled version for access on laptops or iPads in the hearing room or remotely. Full training, technical support and equipment are provided throughout the lifecycle of a case.

Daily Reporting

For shorter hearings, where you may not require real-time reporting but still need a transcript quickly, Epiq can produce a verbatim record of proceedings at the end of the day, usually within two to three hours.

Electronic Presentation of Evidence (EPE)

Electronic Presentation of Evidence refers to the in-court display of documentation, files, pictures, audio and graphics during trial, displayed onto multiple screens for all parties to view. The use of EPE aids counsel in delivering an effective and compelling presentation, and it is estimated that its use results in a saving of approximately one third of court time.

Epiq supplies all relevant hardware and software where EPE equipment is not already installed in the courtroom. An independent operator, provided for the duration of the hearing, will control the display of evidence using specialist trial presentation software, and annotate and enhance on-screen images in accordance with the parties’ instructions. All EPE operators are carefully selected and provided with training to work efficiently and confidently in the often pressured environment of the hearing room.

eHearings are the alternative to traditional, and costly, paper-based hearings. eHearings are conducted like traditional hearings, except all documents are submitted and viewed electronically. The major benefits of an eHearing are the savings in both time and cost, as document presentation can be up to 30% faster than in a paper-based hearing. For virtual hearings, Epiq can provide the full range of eHearing services, and also offer a concierge serviee to help manage proceedings using a variety of platforms such as Teams, Zoom and Webex.

Trial Technology

EpiqTMX is a secure, cloud-based, highly scalable, binder creation, real-time transcription and sharing platform that allows you to build electronic binders quickly and easily. facilitates collaboration between legal teams and provides a flexible and intuitive platform for binder creation.

Preparing documents for trial is challenging, costly, and time consuming. Ensuring all parties can collaborate is complex. Having one tool for your bundles, transcription and to follow the hearing presentation, ensures the smooth running and ease of accessibility for your matter. We’ve spent time listening to our clients and understanding their pain points.

Epiq has created a cloud-based bundle creation and sharing tool that allows you to securely build electronic bundles, prepare case-related documents and access your hearing tools, in a highly intuitive and collaborative platform.

Learn more about Epiq TMX here. 

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