Making DSARs easier with analytics


Under GDPR, companies must respond to data subject access requests (DSARs) within one month of receipt. Failure to do so can lead to significant sanctions, up to 4% of turnover. 

A UK law firm received a DSAR request that required them to wade through more than 158GB of data to retrieve the relevant data. They came to Epiq to find a solution from collection support through to production that would enable them to respond within the timeframe.


We provided a workflow that incorporated traditional eDiscovery processes in collaboration with the latest tools in analytics and automation. We used filtering and advanced analytics to refine the data set and identify only those documents which mention the data subject. 

We applied processes that ensured that no other individual’s data was disclosed within the communications produced as part of the final data set.


The client provided Epiq with more than 270,000 Outlook emails and Lync chats. Using deduplication technologies and working closely with the client to define custom filtering parameters, Epiq reduced the volume of documents to 28,000. 

Next, we used NexLP Story Engine to further reduce the total number of responsive documents to just 2,400. After review, the client identified 800 documents for disclosure. 

We used a combination of NexLP and Blackout to then run automated redaction. This reduced the workload and ensured redaction consistency. 

These documents were generated as PDF files for the client to provide to the data subject.


Our workflow, including the application of NexLP, reduced the volume of documents for review by 99%. Compared to traditional review, we estimate the client saved 85% on the time and cost of review. 

The workflow we developed for this client can be customised and applied to other clients in need of the same type of solution. 



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