Onsite Processing

Onsite solution enabled processing and review of documents on the clients’ premises


Due to local data protection laws, an onsite processing and review platform was needed on the clients’ premises to process approximately 240GB of data held in Lotus Notes archives collected from a pool of 9 custodians in the U.S. and Switzerland.


The consulting team at Epiq used a range of tools to process the data. The data (principally from email) was collected by the client on a rolling basis while the Epiq team worked onsite. Once the data had been processed, consultants from Epiq provided the Swiss reviewers access to the data in designated review batches. During this process, the consulting team provided onsite daily support to the internal review team to enable them to conduct their first pass review in a timely and structured manner.


  • Once the initial processing and review were complete, the client was able to conduct additional searches on the remote software retained for a further period
  • The reviewers were able to review approximately 1,200 documents each day
  • Along with Lotus Notes, the tools used by consulting team at Epiq were able to process PST files, Encase evidence files, and standard MS Office files


Epiq was able to provide the client in this project a flexible onsite solution of limited scale and cost, which enabled it to achieve its objectives within challenging timeframes.



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