Important Considerations When Choosing a Data Processing and Hosting Provider

Processing and Hosting

Data processing and hosting is a key component of litigation, especially the eDiscovery process. Each matter will produce a massive amount of data that needs to be processed and managed in an organized fashion after the collection stage. Data spread across disparate vendors or multiple technologies can create challenges for cost control and data security. Additionally, the decisions an organization makes about processing will have a downstream effect on the latter eDiscovery phases. Processing data is a critical step in a project’s lifecycle that can impact the overall cost and successful outcome of a case. For example, if there are not adequate security measures in place at these early stages then confidential data could become compromised. Additionally, when multiple languages are involved the failure to utilize services with international offerings will only make reviewing and analyzing data challenging. To simplify this process and ensure your organization is making an informed and smart decision about data processing and hosting, make sure your provider can offer all of these things:

  • Full service eDiscovery: Look for providers that offer the full package and can assist you at every step, not just processing and hosting. Utilizing one entity for collection, processing, hosting, and review keeps with customizable options to meet fluctuating storage and processing needs. This also promotes uniformity for workflow and security.
  • Global capabilities: With so many cases including international components or requiring different language needs, choosing vendors that have global presence is critical and simplifies the litigation process.
  • Superior security measures: Data subject to a lawsuit will contain confidential and sensitive information like communications subject to attorney-client privilege, social security numbers, health information, and business trade secrets. It is important that a vendor deploys top security measures to safeguard vulnerable data.
  • Proper data handling: Utilize processing experts that deploy defensible methods to extract records, assign tags, identify and index metadata, and cull data. Ensuring these early processing steps are done correctly will lead to downstream efficiencies. Important offerings to look for include processing platforms that can handle a large variety of file types, technology with built-in language recognition and translation features, customizable processing specifications, client access to data flow dashboards, and periodic outcome reporting.

To check all these boxes, look no further. From conception to completion, Epiq offers eDiscovery advantages at every step including data processing and hosting. Well-known in the industry for having a large global presence, Epiq currently can cater to almost 200 languages and ensure data is secure during every phase of the eDiscovery process.

Some key components of Epiq’s processing offerings include experienced professionals and technology that can process the largest and most complex collections of electronic legal evidence, numerous international data centers, and the option for customizable managed service processing. Having a processing engine that allows organizations to easily scale up or down is a great benefit because specific case or project needs will inevitably vary. Flexibility and customization are necessary with complex legal matters and this makes it important to choose a provider that utilizes a leading processing platform. Epiq also goes a step further by providing the option for self-administration, if that better fits with an organization’s needs.

For hosting purposes, Epiq’s globally located data centers and high-level security processes ensure data is safe and properly stored. Our clients also have access to leading document software platforms. Again, there are also customization options that can be project-based and fit according to an organization’s budget or fluctuating demands. Whether providing our services or just hosting the platform, we are here to help reach all your hosting goals.

So is it time to reevaluate how your organization approaches data processing and hosting? It might be prudent to review processes and partnerships to ensure all these components are being met. Above all, make sure your provider can provide flexible and scalable options, deploys appropriate security measures, and meets your budgeting expectations. Remember, what you choose to do for processing and hosting will set the stage for the rest of the litigation process!

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