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Epiq Document Review Services Responds to COVID-19 Crisis

In the best interests of our clients, our employees, and our communities, Epiq will be closing their North American and European Document Review Centers on Friday, March 20 at close of business until further notice. Taking this action will help protect the health and well-being of our employees and contract workers who support our clients and review operations on a daily basis.  

Epiq has engineered a remote review solution that is highly secure, easy to navigate, and legally defensible. By working closely with Microsoft and its technology partners, Epiq has implemented a solution that utilizes the Microsoft Azure Cloud Windows Virtual Desktop.  Epiq’s Managed Review teams are committed to making transitions for clients as seamless and straightforward as possible.  

Remote Review Protocols   

The remote solution is carefully designed to incorporate high security standards and adheres as closely as possible to the standard review project management and oversight workflows that Epiq traditionally provides to clients.  

Key highlights include:

Virtual Desktop Setup and Security

Microsoft Azure Cloud Windows Virtual Desktop, which is provided through the Remote Desktop Web client over a secure https protocol, has the following features:

  • A secure image that allows for access only to the database review platform
  • No access to the internet without written client approval
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Disabled device redirection preventing data transfer between the device and the Virtual Desktop
  • Inability to print from the Virtual Desktop
  • Disabled clipboard access preventing the ability to copy or paste information
  • Restricted ability to save documents to the user profile on the Virtual Desktop only and not on the device being used
  • Virtual Desktops reset each night, clearing any user data or browsing history from the Virtual Machine
  • No data stored at any time on any personal device or Epiq-provided laptop

Review Project Management and Oversight

As a key component of the Remote Review program, specific protocols for project oversight and management have been established to adhere to Epiq’s high standards.  These include the following:

  • Confidentiality agreement that includes a supplemental agreement related to the policies and procedures that must be followed for remote document review
  • Frequent and regular internal calls for feedback from the team, review protocol updates, and additional training conducted by the Epiq review management teams
  • Individual reviewer Quality Control (QC) feedback as necessary through email, phone, and Microsoft Teams in order to maintain appropriate quality levels
  • Comprehensive reporting, including metrics that measure that productivity and quality is being met.

Please contact your Epiq representative for more information regarding Epiq’s remote review capabilities, or contact us here.



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