Advanced Technologies

Our advanced technologies save you money, reduce time, mitigate risk, increase efficiency, and make understanding data much easier on every project.

Document review is the single biggest expense in most litigation, and review of non-relevant documents can make it the most wasteful. Your organisation should decide to settle or go to trial based on the merits of the case, rather than on the expense of discovery. Our experienced discovery and technology professionals use proven data reduction strategies, including filtering, de-duplication, and early case assessment, to minimise processing and review costs.

Our advanced technology capabilities include:

Email threading: Identifies emails that are related or at the conclusion of a conversation so that a reviewer need only review the final email. 

Near duplicate identification: Groups documents together based on textual similarity so you can identify differences easier and make more consistent decisions. 

Clustering: Automatically identifies conceptually similar documents, enhancing early case assessment and accelerating first level review to improve the focus on what matters in an opposing party production. 

Categorisation: Clusters documents into useful pre-set categories based on seed documents. 

Conceptual searching: Goes beyond traditional Boolean searching to find important documents, especially useful in factual investigations. 

Artificial Intelligence: From traditional predictive coding workflows to continuous active learning, we use algorithms to help prioritise review or reduce review populations to decrease cost significantly, increase efficiency, and reduce error rates. 



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