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Epiq Formalizes Global Investigations Practice Group under Leadership of Erin Toomey

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Dedicated team of experts meet growing demand for eDiscovery work for a broad range of matters that pose substantial risk to corporations

NEW YORK – March 1, 2023— Epiq, a global technology-enabled services leader to the legal industry and corporations, has formalized an expanded Global Investigations Practice Group, applying its proven dedicated team of experts model which led to its industry-leading position for antitrust services.

Epiq previously formalized its practice group for Antitrust and Competition Services in 2021 under centralized leadership, driving even more successful outcomes for Epiq clients and increasing demand for Epiq work in this area. Since then, Epiq has also seen significant growth in adjacent practice areas relating to internal and government investigations, as well as enforcement actions brought by global regulators. As a result, Epiq has taken the clear lead as the No. 1 player in the industry in serving Antitrust and Competition matters, having supported over 250 Second Request matters alone. This has led Epiq to expand this model for antitrust matters to a wide range of global investigatory matters, including white collar and corporate crime, false claims and anti-kickback, and anti-bribery and corruption.

Epiq Vice President Erin Toomey will serve as the new Global Investigations Practice Group’s Managing Director and lead a cross-functional team across eDiscovery, analytics, and managed review disciplines throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe. The team is positioned to support more than 50 languages with local staffing. For all of these matters, the Epiq team will advise clients on the strategic use of analytics tools and artificial intelligence to provide early insight on key data, including the existence of privileged content.

“Regulatory matters are invariably high profile and involve substantial risk for our corporate and law firm clients,” said Roger Pilc, President and General Manager for Epiq’s Legal Solutions business. “The members of this Global Investigations Practice Group have a deep understanding of the specific requirements of regulators around the world and are an excellent example of our ability to invest in and develop the best people, processes, and technology to deliver industry-leading services to benefit our clients.”

Epiq’s dedicated Global Investigations Practice Group comprises former litigators, law enforcement officers, and experienced data/discovery professionals. The team has successfully represented prominent corporations and individuals in some of the largest civil and white collar criminal matters across multiple industry verticals. The team has produced data to an array of global regulators, including the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Communications Commission, Department of Defense, Canadian Competition Bureau, United Kingdom Competition and Markets Authority, Financial Conduct Authority, European Commission, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Japan Fair Trade Commission, and Hong Kong Competition Commission, to name a few.

“The value our clients have received from working with our dedicated antitrust team has led to significant success, and we now have a steady stream of requests from law firms and corporate legal teams to apply the same dedicated team of experts model to other types of matters,” Toomey said. “This expert-led approach has proven itself by delivering consistent results across the entire lifecycle of antitrust investigations, and now we will provide that same end-to-end experience to corporations facing a wider range of regulatory requests.”

The Global Investigations Practice Group will leverage the award-winning technology platform, Epiq Service Cloud, which powers efficiency and improved outcomes, and is exceptionally well-suited to handle large, complex, and high stakes work like regulatory investigations. The Epiq Service Cloud is the cornerstone of the Epiq Legal Service Management vision of unified professional management of legal services by modern legal departments. The proprietary Epiq Service Cloud is built on a best-in-class infrastructure, and contains dedicated processing, analytics, and document review environments. The AI technology suite included in the Epiq Service Cloud enables superior early case assessment and the application of Technology Assisted Review workflows to further improve speed and outcomes.

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