Epiq has the largest pool of experienced international court reporters in the world and sets the standard in real-time accuracy and technical proficiency.

Epiq have supported depositions around the world for more than two decades, specialising in cross-border litigation matters in the areas of banking and finance, energy, construction, pharmaceutical, anti-trust, IP and securities.

Our clients recognise the advantages of using locally-based reporters regardless of where their depositions are taking place. From our offices across the US, Europe, Asia, and Australasia, our reporters work to U.S. conventions for style, technical terminology and format and are familiar with regional accents, place names and culture. Our most valuable asset is the expertise of our team who are extremely experienced in high profile and complex litigation cases. 

In addition to our court reporters having unparalleled international experience, we also have locally-based videographers, simultaneous and consecutive interpreters and Notaries Public, as well as a full team of support staff in all our international offices. 

Our deposition services include:

  • Expedited and daily turnaround
  • Videography
  • Realtime-ready laptops
  • Daily rough transcripts
  • Interpretation in all major languages
  • Exhibit linking
  • Video synchronization
  • Remote text/video streaming
  • Tele/video-conferencing
  • Exhibit blowback services
  • Conference rooms
  • Notaries public
  • Administrative/IT support
  • Advice on the procedures for taking depositions outside the U.S.
  • War-room set up and supplies
  • Double and triple tracking
  • Regionally based native-English speaking reporters
  • Local and regional knowledge



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