Transformative eDiscovery Solutions

As eDiscovery demands in New Zealand grow, Epiq’s customizable solutions can help manage projects of every size – from simple document review to complex regulatory matters.

As the number of potential data sources multiply and prove more complex to retrieve, the discovery phase of investigations and litigation are becoming more difficult to manage. With local and global agency investigations increasing production demands, partnering with an alternative legal services provider is a way to transform your eDiscovery capabilities. Epiq can provide cost predictability, global reach, scalable options, advanced technologies, and expert support.

Epiq Can Meet Your New Zealand Discovery Needs

Epiq has been working closely with global law firms and corporations to solve eDiscovery challenges in New Zealand and Australia for over a decade. Our offices and data centres in the region include Christchurch, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, and Canberra. With on-ground eDiscovery professionals in region, we help you manage eDiscovery projects in the diverse legal and regulatory landscapes that continue to evolve. We also have unmatched experience in offering discovery support for litigation, regulatory investigations, and matters with cross-border components.

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Advanced technologies to streamline matters

Epiq has access to world-class integrated eDiscovery technology to meet your project needs including TAR solutions, processing and hosting capabilities, forensics, collections, and document review services. Our solutions can address your discovery requirements for local and cross-border regulatory investigations, litigation, internal investigations, document review, and more.

Our document review services utilize the best mix of people, process, and technology to perform data relevance and categorization functions before submitting production responses to a requesting agency. This helps streamline investigations and ensures that all relevant documents are produced. Our processes and technology are secure and defensible, as we conduct regular audits and risk assessments combined with an advanced intelligence network to continually evaluate potential security risks.

Experience in complex legal matters

Our team can offer strategic advice and assistance with complicated issues including local and cross-border regulatory investigations and civil litigation that is rich in data. A key discovery tool that promotes cost reduction and maintains efficiency is using AI-based technology to significantly reduce your data set that needs to be reviewed. Once reduced, it is easier to isolate compliant documents and have a quick production turn to the requesting agency or court.

Customizable options with the ability to scale

Epiq understands that some projects require minimal assistance while others can require a team of thousands, and that needs can fluctuate throughout the course of a case or investigation. We customize recommendations based on what will work best for your team and specific matter. Our technology expertise can also help you scale down the actual requirements. Being able to provide a one-stop shop for all your hosting, processing, and review needs will significantly streamline response time while still preserving defensibility and value.

Clients can choose the flexibility of per-GB/per-custodian pricing, the cost predictability and control of fixed-fee managed services, or an on-call network of attorneys to review high volumes of data efficiently and within tight deadlines.

Local and global subject matter experts

Epiq has a roster of experienced, accountable consultants and project managers to help with a variety of local and global issues. You can expect deep industry experience leveraging global competencies in the tax and securities sectors, as well as consumer-based companies. With offices and highly secure data centres located around the world delivering multiple reviews simultaneously in more than 195 languages, this allows us to deliver seamless high performance across the globe.

Our staff of experts also have knowledge in local and cross-border laws to assist with document review projects resulting from agency investigations. Areas of strong expertise include investigative requirements from State and Royal Commissions, Australian Tax Office, Australia’s Consumer and Competition Commission, Australian Securities and Investments Commission, and various agencies in the U.S. and around the globe. Our consultants can tackle complex issues associated with investigations by these authorities and suggest appropriate document review and categorization services to ensure compliance within applicable deadlines.

Contact us for a consultation to discuss how Epiq can transform your eDiscovery capabilities with a manageable, predictable cost structure, a cutting-edge global perspective, the ability to scale quickly when needed, and support from top minds in the field that will operate as an extension of your legal team.



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