Understanding the Modernization of Law: Tools, Tech, and Tips

Recently, the phrase “modern law” seems to be floating around in the legal industry. But what does this mean and why should today’s practitioners care? From corporate counsel to law firms to contract attorneys, this term of art can carry several meanings. In a nutshell, modern law refers to the idea of taking a business centered approach to legal practice by embracing emerging technologies and new partnerships to increase efficiency and make smarter operational decisions.

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Market Survey Provides Insight on Partnerships with Legal Operation Teams

Legal operations has become a growing focus as organizations prioritize finding new ways to increase efficiencies within the legal department. Legal operations teams are tasked with several responsibilities including technology investment, metrics, legal spend management, strategic planning, compliance, and risk evaluation. To keep on the path of transformation, legal needs to take more of a business approach, which is why having a mature legal operations team should be a top priority for many organizations. But how do legal operations teams fit within organizations as a whole? Hyperion’s 2021 MarketView Report on Enterprise Legal Management provides some insight on this topic.

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How Combining Legal with Tech Can Offer Invaluable Insights and Business Intelligence

The legal industry is one of the last industries to jump on the digital transformation train, but the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing the legal industry to more readily accept tools that allow for more seamless remote processes. As such, this is a great time for legal organizations to figure out how they can enhance their practice and operations. At the heart of making this change successful are two factors: the collaboration between legal and technology professionals and putting business data to work.

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