Epiq provides data processing, hosting, and on-site consultation


A large financial institution in Europe needed data processed and hosted in Singapore and requested an on-site consultant. The most efficient and costeffective approach to maintain strict security access was to process in Nuix and host in Relativity within the client’s office. Data privacy laws relegated the data to the confines of Singapore, so all consultation and data processing had to be performed on-site. Additionally, there were many cross-border challenges to overcome with outside counsel located in many countries, including the U.S.


Epiq was able to provide regular, on-site support on short notice with an eDiscovery project consultant, and when required, a forensics expert. We set up a mobile Nuix solution initially to support data processing and light review. When the client saw the need to apply multiple redactions and intensive review, we setup Relativity to support a 10+ person review team in their conference room. This ultimately provided a nearly identical experience for the client as compared to a data center solution. It also allowed us to create consistent workflow for client.

Subsets of data were migrated to Hong Kong in order to provide access to the U.S.-based team for regulatory productions. During the case, our Singapore data center was opened and all the client data was migrated to our secure Singapore data center. The migration to the data center is complete and the matter is now supported locally.


Having immediate on-site mobile support saved response time and minimalized downtime. Epiq was able to provide an on-site, mobile solution and guide them seamlessly through the process frequently exceeding the expectation of the client.


Epiq processed and hosted more than 3.5 million records on a laptop and flew eDiscovery project consultants to Singapore more than 11 times. Email, loose office files and audio data were all normalized for use in Relativity with minimal customization. Several client training sessions were conducted - some in-person, others via phone, giving “blind” support from Hong Kong.



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