Epiq saves client millions with technology-assisted review (TAR)

Continuous active learning and advanced data analytics by NexLP allows client to meet compressed arbitration schedule.


Our client, a large automobile manufacturer, faced an extremely tight discovery and arbitration schedule for business and strategic reasons. The company agreed to commence and complete discovery in six weeks’ time and complete the entire arbitration process in under four months. 


Epiq proposed a unified solution to be implemented by the corporate managed services team, which would leverage our global collection, technology-assisted review, project management, and review capabilities.


Epiq began collecting custodial ESI utilising our collection team embedded within the client’s eDiscovery team. The close integration and behind-the-firewall access and knowledge of our team allowed collection to begin almost immediately, saving valuable time. 

As data quickly became available for processing, review, and production, we implemented workflows that allowed us to efficiently and defensibly cull the data so we could begin processing immediately. We then employed NexLP’s continuous active learning capabilities. This allowed us to utilise analytics instantly when reviewing a set of targeted data, while simultaneously training the TAR system. 

Post-review, our client’s external legal team utilised NexLP’s investigative tools to assist in preparation for arbitration, leveraging existing data analytics and TAR workflows.


By employing continuous active learning in NexLP, Epiq culled roughly 1.3 million documents (~1 TB of data) down to approximately 60,000 documents for review, which was completed within a month of starting data collections.

As a result, Epiq enabled savings of ~$2 million, which was 89% more cost-effective than performing traditional linear review. 



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