Mass Tort Settlements

Epiq offers efficient, best-in-class solutions to administer your settlement, resolve healthcare liens, manage funds, and process payments.

In both large-scale consolidated and smaller inventory-by-inventory mass tort settlements, we engineer and deliver comprehensive programs that provide prompt and transparent service in strict compliance with the parties’ requirements.

Epiq helps to design and review medical record data to apply point-based allocation models that ensure similarly-situated claimants are treated equitably and facilitate the fair and objective distribution of settlement proceeds. For more than 150,000 mass tort claimants, our seasoned team of attorneys and nurse reviewers have consulted on the development and administered injury award allocation criteria.

Our settlement correspondence and fulfillment services relieve your firm from the burdens of managing claimant correspondence, giving you oversight of program progression and the ability to deliver excellent service to your clients. We consult on the development of disclosure and release content, ensuring compliance with the rules of professional conduct for aggregate settlements. Our settlement correspondence packages are designed to minimize potential data deficiencies with plain-language completion instructions and flagged signature pages.

As returned packages are received, we verify claimant information and review submissions for completeness. Where deficiencies exist, we manage the cure process directly with you or through our claimant communication services.

Epiq facilitates the  disbursements of settlement proceeds and the resolution of all settlement considerations using qualified settlement funds (“QSFs”) and other settlement trust or escrow vehicles. Our team works with financial institutions to implement QSF agreements according to MSA terms and prevent unnecessary fees and disbursement requirements as well as ensure compliance with Treasury regulations. We manage the administrative burden and coordinate fund distributions to special purpose vehicles, such as special needs trusts and structures.
Epiq develops payment governance processes to ensure prompt, consistent, and compliant distribution of funds in accordance with the terms of your settlement, whether through wire transfers to your firm or individual checks to your clients. Even if we are not the administrator of the primary fund, we can assist with creating sub-QSF accounts to hold funds for further allocation to your clients, while providing the tax advantages that a QSF offers.

Regardless of your settlement’s size and scope, Epiq will resolve your clients’ healthcare insurance liens in accordance with the settlement’s terms, applicable laws, healthcare regulations, and ethics obligations. Our proven processes and experienced staff provide consistent, positive outcomes for claimants. With our deep knowledge and negotiating power, we are able to produce unrivaled lien reductions – totaling nearly $7 billion, to date.

Our secure online client portal gives you accurate program and case information whenever you need it. The portal provides current lien and case status updates, helps you manage client inventories, and enables you to submit documents and cure discrepancies. 

Epiq resolves:

  • Medicare Parts A and B liens
  • Medicare Part C liens
  • State Medicaid liens
  • Military and other governmental liens
  • Private health insurance liens
Compliance with the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Act and the Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007 (MMSEA) is critical. Under these statutes, Responsible Reporting Entities (RRE) are required to determine the Medicare enrollment status for claimants who receive a settlement, judgment, award or other payment from liability insurance (including self-insurance), no-fault insurance, or workers’ compensation insurance. The Non-Group Health Plan (NGHP), also known as the RRE, must report claim information to Medicare, if the claimant is Medicare enrolled. Failing to provide this information can lead to severe monetary penalties. Epiq serves as the MMSEA Mandatory Insurer Reporting Agent for companies of all sizes. Our proprietary web-based reporting solution allows clients to securely report claims as required under the MMSEA, which will ensure compliance and avoid penalties.

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