Realtime Court Reporting

Participate remotely and review a deposition as it unfolds. Epiq’s network of 5000+ court reporters is equipped with the latest technology for instant access to your deposition.

As a leading provider of realtime court reporting services, Epiq’s experience helps save time in both the discovery and deposition processes.

Realtime video streaming

Realtime video streaming allows for an immediate and clear perspective on the deponents behavior, reaction and context during the deposition.

Realtime transcript streaming

Realtime transcript streaming saves time by allowing for the review of a transcript as it unfolds. All the information needed is supplied in one sitting and frees up more time that is typically spent reviewing testimony after the fact.

In most cases, Epiq can supply a complete electronic transcript before anyone has even left the deposition room. Testimony processing and scheduling of subsequent depositions can begin immediately, helping to speed up overall proceedings by as much as 25 percent.



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