Advisory Services

For most organizations, managing electronic data associated with compliance and legal matters is painful: costly, time-consuming and confusing. And when considering an advisor, companies often turn to vendors selling off-the-shelf products that solve only a piece of the larger puzzle.

Diagnosis & Prescription

Our team of experts across IT, Legal and Compliance first help clients through an assessment, identifying gaps and risk in their current approach. We then deliver a custom recommendation of technologies and policies, ones that we can help implement and manage to better ensure project success.

Our Services


  • Email Archive Policy Workshop - a managed forum for legal, records, IT and security stakeholders to assemble and construct an email archive policy.
  • Email Archive Policy Rollout – a comprehensive policy development and company rollout process development. Leverage our teams experience to assist your team rollout an email archive policy across your organization.


  • eDiscovery Assessment - an assessment of your current organizational and technological eDiscovery capabilities. Outcome is a report containing a prioritized list of recommendations to close the gaps.
  • Litigation Response Protocol - a comprehensive policy, process and capabilities review relative to your ability to address each step in the eDiscovery business process model. Outcome is a documented Litigation Response Playbook that identifies people, process, and technology to address eDiscovery.
  • Epiq Run Book - technology “how to” manual for performing eDiscovery inside your IT department that can be provided to Courts to demonstrate current process and procedures.

Information governance

  • Information Governance Assessment - an assessment, aided by File Share Analysis tools, of your electronic data landscape. Outcomes consist of identification of “eTrash” (files with zero value), high risk content in unsecured areas, and a plan for taking control of this content.
  • Information Governance Program - Six phase approach to control unstructured ESI on file shares, shared drives, and other network attached storage devices. Outcomes include data classification, Defensible Deletion and ESI Lifecycle Management.


  • Understanding: The first path to a solution that will work is a thorough understanding of your current environment.
  • Assurance: Once you have a comprehensive understanding of your current environment, you will be much more assured of the proper solution to address your needs. A little bit of work up front will result in much more long-term success.
  • Risk Avoidance: Having documented processes and procedures will greatly reduce any potential fines from government or other compliance regulators.
  • Better Legal Positioning: Having documented processes and procedures will greatly enhanced your legal positioning, much more so than those who do not.



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