Contract Lifecycle Management

At Epiq, we work with our clients to manage their contracts in cost-effective ways. We enable our clients to access critical commercial and contractual information at their fingertips and meet business and regulatory challenges.

Faced with fast-paced transactions and ever-increasing deal documentation, companies often require robust, consistent standards to track and manage their contracts. The Epiq suite of contract lifecycle management (CLM) help organizations optimize their contracts through a unique mix of legal, operations, technology, and risk management expertise in the most cost-effective ways. Using our services, you can reduce organizational liability and make compliance with legal requirements easier to achieve.

Can't keep track of your contracts? We can help.

Whether you need to maintain an accurate and easily accessible database of contracts or keep track of obligations, entitlements, and important deadlines, our experienced teams can provide customized support using top-quality technology solutions. Our modular suite of services spans the lifecycle of a contract: from playbook creation; contract drafting and negotiation; management of approval and execution processes; obligations tracking, auditing, and reporting; and portfolio management.

Depending on your needs, we can take on whole or parts of the contract lifecycle management. Our services also cover both routine contract management as well as incident-based projects, such as compliance, merger and acquisition, and other transactional needs.

Services for your every contract management need

Our arsenal of tools and processes allow us to provide a broad range of diverse services:

  • Drafting - We support both template based and platform based drafting, as well as the creation of drafting playbooks, smart forms, and templates.
  • Redlining – Juggling too many drafts during the back-and-forth contract term negotiations? Our redlining services cover everything from creating first-cut drafts to comparing versions to identify discrepancies.
  • Review – We can proofread, identify, sort, and code contracts pursuant to contract types and issues, providing analyses for secondary and tertiary services such as abstraction and obligation tracking.
  • Abstraction – We can provide an at-a-glance report on a large pool of contracts by abstracting key provisions, such as parties, deadlines, and performance descriptions into outlines and tables.
  • Risk analysis – After identifying provisions according to risks, we can compile "heat maps" and risk profiling surveys and provide analytical reports on the risks identified.
  • Obligation tracking – It is difficult to keep track of the obligations arising from a large pool of contracts. We can provide extensive analyses of the contract terms and send periodic alerts to make sure no deadlines are missed.

Tailor-made solutions for every type of organizations

CLM is not a one-size-fits-all solution package – companies in different industries often require different services and tools to tackle their challenges. Whether it be engagement letters of a financial institution, such as a bank or private equity fund; sales contracts or purchase orders with a pharmaceutical company or medical device manufacturer; or service level agreements of an IT company, we customize our solutions to meet your specific needs to ensure your legal documentation best supports your business and regulatory needs. To achieve this, we provide comprehensive consultation as an integral part of our services to devise CLM processes that are bespoke to you.  

Why choose Epiq?

As a legal process outsourcing company with global reach and 24/7 support, Epiq is set apart from other vendors in being able to provide lower cost and technology-enabled support to scale up projects to meet tight deadlines, minimize errors, and manage risks. Whether you require onsite, offsite, or a hybrid approach, our contract lifecycle management services are prepared to meet you where you are - while keeping you safe within the growing network of our secure knowledge centers.

Epiq CLM is provided by a dedicated team of experienced, efficient and smart-working professionals with experience on multiple industry related contract management projects and both in-house and third-party platforms.

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