Data Classification

Epiq has leveraged Microsoft’s data classification labeling provided through Azure Information Protection (“AIP”) with Epiq’s file analysis and data classification solution eGovern™.

With data growing exponentially it is becoming increasingly difficult for those responsible for building and enforcing classification policies, retention schedules and other aspects of a programmatic records management plan to rely on archaic manual classification methods.

Why data classification?

Content needs to be classified and understood to determine why it must be retained, how long it must be retained and how it should be dispositioned. With effective classification, retention and disposition policies can be appropriately enforced, reducing litigation risk and discovery and storage costs, while also ensuring internal governance and regulatory compliance.

Let’s be honest, classification is the last thing users want (or are able) to do. Users don’t want to classify content, “check in” content or introduce any other content-creation steps that impede their work. Users see these processes as intrusive, complex and counterproductive, and organizations struggle to rely on these legacy end user-driven approaches due to the lack of accuracy and consistency inherent with human-based processes; moreover, let’s not forget the enormous organizational training costs associated with teaching end users how to appropriately classify content per organizational policy. End users don’t care about classification … they care about the result of such classification. How long will my content be accessible? How can I extend this timeframe if I have a business need to retain the content for a longer period?

An approach that combines automated classification and frictionless management of content, enabling records managers and information governance practitioners to reliably enforce policies and retention schedules, while providing the transparency and seamless experience that end users require to be productive, yet informed and empowered.

How can we help

eGovern™ is a data classification solution that both information governance practitioners and end users will love. It eliminates the need for users to manually classify content or “check in” content to another system. It takes the burden of classification off end users so they can focus on their work, but provides them with the transparency and reporting they need to understand the assigned classification and associated retention period, with a simple, defensible means of requesting a retention period extension.

eGovern™ makes it possible for records managers and information governance practitioners to easily enforce policies and demonstrate a consistent and defensible approach to classification, while still providing visibility and empowerment to their end users.

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