AACER Case Monitoring

Stay on top of bankruptcy matters with AACER case monitoring

Efficient case monitoring to manage bankruptcy matters nationwide

Whether monitoring 100 cases or 100,000 cases, AACER automatically delivers critical information enabling you and your staff to efficiently and effectively manage case work, and investment and credit portfolios. Use AACER’s customized queue creation, management oversight and end-to-end audit and reporting capabilities to maximize your bottom line. Case monitoring highlights and tracks critical case activity, safeguarding completion and compliance in every matter. 

Customize your preferences

AACER case monitoring uses our proprietary algorithms to search all of the court dockets and registers for more than 77 key docket events and 5 claims registers events. Monitoring results can be delivered on your schedule, including:

  • Daily and on-demand
  • In multiple formats as a downloadable report
  • Through the AACER intuitive user interface for quick processing and management oversight

Additionally, AACER reports and online tools eliminate lengthy navigation and login procedures and provide seamless access to the data you need.

Audit and compliance

With AACER, you can get tailored reporting for internal compliance requirements, external audits, or to satisfy investor demands. Through our easy-to-use interface, you can audit staff work as well as track the work of outside counsel, including through claims register monitoring and our proprietary tool for confirming search activity. AACER monitoring service enables labor and document cost savings and ensures compliance. 

Automated reporting

Eliminate the need to manually search through traditional channels for key case events and documents. We deliver only critical docket and claims information into workflow queues you customize to best suit your processing needs, immediately streamlining your internal workflow. You gain full case and staff management, with a full activity audit suite. With AACER Disposition Monitoring, you’ll receive a daily report of disposition changes, giving you a clear picture of relevant electronic court records including dismissals, closings, discharges and conversions recorded for all your cases during the previous business day. It’s the ultimate in efficiency, dramatically compressing your timelines and increasing your ability to react, and is a vital component for accurate credit reporting. 

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