Season 2, Episode 5: Protect Your Crown Jewels – Nobody breaks into a bank to steal the posters.

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Security expert, Roselle Safran, joins hosts Jerich BeasonWhitney McCollum have come together after realizing more people know more about “The Queen’s Crown Jewels” than those that are vital to their company.  How do you determine which are those precious systems that are the bare minimum & mission-critical to operate, generate revenue, or contain the In some industries these could mean life or death.  Where do you invest most to protect the organization? The analogy is pondered – No one breaks into a bank to steal the posters.


These experts take a deep dive into what the legal team and board must know about the crown jewels of an organization.  Roselle explains how taking the manual processes, biases, and opinions out of the equation with technology that assesses what your crown jewels are is becoming important to large organizations that have many assets, revenue streams, and layered dependencies.  Once you know what your crown jewels are you can properly assess the risk, manage that risk, protect the crown jewels, and know where you must be most resilient.  

What input should legal have on risk?  Who in the organization ultimately owns the risk? The CEO? The board? Who determines the risk appetite? Who communicates it down through the organization? Where does the CISO fall into ownership versus managing risk?  Learn about risk appetite, the tolerance of risk by leadership, and aligning acceptance of risks with business goals.  

The conversation closes with a great thought, “Just like an investigator tracking down the bad guys, start where the money is and you will find the crown jewels.”

Note: “The statements of the guest speakers and hosts in this podcast should not be construed as legal advice.  They represent their views only and not those of Epiq or their respective employers.”


Roselle Safran is the CEO and Founder of KeyCaliber, a technology startup that enables cybersecurity, risk, and infrastructure teams to identify their critical cyber assets automatically and continuously to effectively manage cyber risk and ensure cyber resilience. The first cybersecurity startup that she founded, Uplevel Security, was acquired by McAfee.&

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Roselle spent a decade as a cybersecurity practitioner and leader. She led cybersecurity operations at the Executive Office of the President during the Obama Administration, directing tactical measures and strategic initiatives for protecting and defending the White House’s network. Prior she managed analysis teams at the Department of Homeland Security’s US-CERT. Roselle earned her Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from Princeton University.

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