Document repository provides consistency in collection and review for multinational company


A multinational automobile manufacturer teamed with Epiq on multiple projects throughout the past five years. In 2012, a large class action and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) investigation began.

Client collections took place on-site at multiple American offices and manufacturers, as well as offshore offices and plants. The eDiscovery counsel chose us as the provider due to our scope and quality of services. After the initial matter, we were given five additional projects with the same company and counsel team. The total volume of data for this client includes approximately 200 custodians at 9.5 TB.


Data was ingested in multiple processing tools. Each project required date culling, analysis, and reporting as cases spanned across different date ranges and custodians. Since the data was processed in multiple processing platforms, global deduplication, technology-assisted review, and efficient culling and reports were not available across data sets. As new projects were initiated by the client, it became increasingly difficult to find relevant previously processed data to use for the new matters and provide the client with estimates of the volume of data to review.


The Epiq operations team suggested utilizing one shared repository for the entire volume of data for this client. Choosing this path allows all custodial data to be ingested and stored in one processing tool. With a combined repository, custodian name and date range analysis would be available as needed, and could be updated with ease using reporting features from one software.


By ingesting all data in one repository, Epiq was able to quickly identify and report on custodian collections. The client saved costs that would be incurred during multiple rounds of processing the same data set, and increased turnaround times for reporting. When a new project is kicked off, culling and analysis can quickly take place with global deduplication and technology-assisted review. Overall, Epiq saved the client more than $10,000 in processing costs.



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