Epiq Provides On-Site Hosting and Processing to Protect Sensitive Information

The Challenge

A leading global law firm with an office located in Shanghai was managing data which potentially contained sensitive information that could not legally leave China. In order to assist our client with an eDiscovery solution, all processing and hosting needed to be completed on-site. Handling the sensitive information incorrectly or transferring  it cross-border would result in government penalties. A suitable workflow was required to facilitate a document review of the sensitive data along with productions of relevant documents to a US-based regulator. 

The Solution

Epiq had an established on-site server at the client’s office, which allowed a new case to be supported. Epiq sent a Shanghai People’s Republic of China National representative to physically work in the client’s offices and run searches to be reviewed. 


Data not containing sensitive information was delivered by the client to our data center in Hong Kong, who then determined if it could be reviewed outside of Asia. Once that determination was made, the production was sent to U.S.-based regulators. Any sensitive data identified was further subjected to an expert for document review and redaction before our client delivered redacted versions to Hong Kong.

The Results

We delivered a solution that satisfied the client’s need for on-site support and allow a workflow for the client to identify and produce documents that potentially contained sensitive information. We processed and hosted 100K records, sent over 44 productions from Hong Kong to a U.S.-based regulator, and delivered disclosures in less than two days.



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