Departmental Share Modernization

Gain insights and visibility into shared departmental files while improving security and compliance.

Companies of all sizes are embracing digital transformation in key business areas, as it delivers competitive advantage, lowers service costs, achieves faster speed to market, and more satisfied customers. Like all service providers within an organization, legal departments must progress in this area. However, due to digital explosion of data most organizations do not have a handle of the types of data is in their existing environments.   

Challenges with transforming departmental shares

Organizations that modernize departmental file shares via a transition to Microsoft 365 benefit from improved accessibility, security, and compliance. However, the data they have collected, and sometimes ignored, has made it hard for organizations to know what they have, let alone where to begin, and they want to feel comfortable that data will be appropriately secured once in the cloud. In addition, globally there are over 26,000 legal rules and regulations on management of organizational data!

Epiq solution

Epiq utilizes five phases and proprietary technology to help organizations identify and move departmental share data to Microsoft 365. These include:
  1. Gather background on current departmental share environment, including amount of data, types of documents in departmental share, identification of sensitive information types, etc., through a 4-hour workshop and follow up dialogue as necessary.
  2. Implement Epiq eGovern™ technology to analyze data for further analysis. This includes attributes such as identification of ROT, identification of amount of data/files in department share, report on what data exists outside of retention, and more.
  3. Epiq to consolidate all findings from Phase 1 and Phase 2 and present back to align all goals before proceeding to Pilot migration.
  4. Execute a pilot migration of less than 500GB of data into the cloud including validating a Microsoft 365 technology configuration and workflow
  5. Define a production rollout action plan once the pilot has successfully been performed by Epiq.

If you are ready to mitigate risk by reducing your volume of ROT (redundant obsolete, and trivial) data and to consolidate or transition your IT enterprise content to the cloud Epiq is here to help you with years of expertise and our best-in-class legal technology solutions,


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