Microsoft eDiscovery Hold Migration

Epiq Enables Enterprises to Migrate Existing In-Place Preservation Technology to Microsoft 365 Advanced eDiscovery

As enterprise productivity applications, legal technology, and compliance requirements evolve, Microsoft and other third-party software providers continue to enhance the tools and methods available for systematic preservation of data for legal holds. Over time, enterprises often manage data preservation utilizing multiple solutions from disparate processes and technology.

These patchwork solutions increase the associated security and compliance risks of in-place preservation, legal hold management, and the administrative cost associated with these requirements. Using multiple systems to manage holds can also lead to inadvertent data loss associated with human error or gaps in processes.

Organizations that have standardized on Microsoft 365 Advanced eDiscovery to manage in-place legal holds can eliminate many of the risks associated with patchwork solutions by moving all legacy legal hold preservation methods to a single solution.

How Epiq Delivers Results


Epiq Solution

Epiq works with your legal department to assess the hold requirements and plan a defensible migration. This process uncovers decision points regarding the extent of the migration, naming conventions, and implementation strategy. Epiq’s proprietary software, customized for each specific client migration, migrates in-place preservation hold policies to Advanced eDiscovery.

Example Supported Migration Paths

  • Microsoft Core eDiscovery to Advanced eDiscovery
  • Exchange In-Place Holds to Advanced eDiscovery
  • Exchange In-Place Holds to Core eDiscovery
  • SharePoint eDiscovery Center to Core eDiscovery
  • SharePoint eDiscovery Center to Advanced eDiscovery
  • Exchange Litigation Holds to Core eDiscovery
  • Exchange Litigation Holds to Advanced eDiscovery

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